The ToolCon Live Console System offers a range of modules that make it possible to combine several input module versions. ToolCon can have up 56 inputs, 16 Groups, 8 VCA Groups, 8 Cut Groups and 18 Sends. One of the Input Modules makes it possible to use the complete Input Channel Strip Toolkit as input amplifier and processing unit.
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Live Console Live Console 'Toolkit' Input Module Live Console Master Module Live Console Monitor Module

ToolCon is adt-audio's new Live Sound Mixing Desk. The first batch of units is in production. You can view or download the pdf files of the modules listed below. If you are interested in more details, please send us an EMail ( and we will inform you by email, as soon as there is new information available.

ToolCon - the Live Console

Available pages:
Toolkit Input Unit TKC-I1
This live console input module uses the Toolkit channel strip as input amp and processing unit.
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Standard Input Unit TKC-I2
This input module operates without and external preamp/processor. It has its own mic-pre and line-pre and a 4 band EQ.
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Dynamics Processor
The Dynamic Processor can be used in combination with the TKC-I2 input module to add compressor and noise gate to any channel. It is installed in the meter bridge. An upgrade is possible at any time.
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Stereo Group TKC-G
The Group Module combines a stereo / dual mono group, 2 aux masters, 1 VCA master and 1 Cut group master. Eight modules can be installed in the live console.
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Mix Master TKC-MA
The Stereo Master with cue send master, mono output, two vca grand master faders and four additional stereo inputs.
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Monitor TKC-MO
The ToolCon Monitor Module.
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Live Console Matrix Unit TKC-MT
Dual Matrix Mixer/Output Module for the Live Console.
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Live Console Stereo Input TKC-IS
A Stereo Input Module that is compatible with the input module slots with almost the same features as the mono input unit but a stereo line input.
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